I Can’t Manage

I Can’t Manage
Years ago, I was an accomplished person. I made highest marks in bio chemistry and graduated Cum Laude. I’ve traveled the world, been the head of organizations, planned conferences and spoke in front of thousands of people…but I CANNOT manage my household of five children.  They totally have the upper-hand.
They are zoo animals who . . . → Read More: I Can’t Manage


1.  Less pillows on my bed

2.  No preschool/ no double drop

3.  No bunny

4.  No lizards

5.  Good-bye chickens

6.  Less pillows on the couch

7.  Less cleaning- more mess

8.  Less toys

9.  Less clothes

10.  Less purchasing

I’m taking these intentional steps…and they are not all easy ones to take.  I’m saying yes to downsizing, knowing I’ll have a little time and . . . → Read More: Downsizing


The more I rush, the meaner I am. The later I am, the more impatient and self-absorbed I am. When I’m in a rush, I focus more on myself & my agenda and people around blur out in to a ring of darkness. I don’t notice. I don’t see their emotions, their expressions and or their . . . → Read More: Hurry!