Out The Back Door

Our stuff has a front door but does our stuff have a back door? When was the last time you purchased something? Food, clothes, toys, books? Bringing things into our home is as natural as breathing. We consume without thinking. It is easy and simple to buy the things we need . . . → Read More: Out The Back Door

Reasonably Simple and the Backyard Chicken

It would be nice to go real simple.  Simple as in organic gardening or joining the revival for backyard chickens and cloth diapers.  I would love to have lettuce growing and fresh eggs to collect each day, but that may never happen.  I can see myself being perfectly happy in that environment but here is reality: . . . → Read More: Reasonably Simple and the Backyard Chicken

The Porch Swing

Two miles down Horse Creek Road, turn left on a dirt road.  It curves and you will see a blue-grey house on your left.  Go down the long gravel drive and pull up before a large front porch with a white painted rail.  In the corner, is a swing, and I am sitting on it.  It . . . → Read More: The Porch Swing