A Nudist Colony and Christmas

One plastic poker chip, one puzzle piece, two rocks, one dog-chewed Ping-Pong ball, one plastic railroad track, one pink princess lid and an inflatable something pink…all in the trash by 8:30 am. I’m tossing out bits and pieces of toys like this every day.   I’m already overwhelmed with toys and here comes Christmas when Target throws . . . → Read More: A Nudist Colony and Christmas

A Day in the Raw

I  woke up hearing my four year old say, “I’m gong to cut your head off with a knife!”
“Go to Time Out!”  I yell before my eyes are even open.  He walks in from outside with a dinner knife in his hand!  Here I was sleeping away on the couch while my three and four year . . . → Read More: A Day in the Raw

The Gift of Humility

One of the gifts we receive from our children is humility.  It’s not my favorite gift as it’s normally preceded by embarrassment.  I hate to be embarrassed.  I have a sneaky desire to look put-together, polished and have my little angels following me around with smiles on their faces.  I dress my kids in stylish clothes, . . . → Read More: The Gift of Humility