Most of us do not know what rest is.  We know exhaustion, but not rest.  Exhaustion is not rest.  We are busy, busy, busy with days filled from dawn to past dark, then we collapse and tune everything out with Netflix.  It’s not rest to lie down spent and drained of all our energy.  Rest lives in the space between activity and exhaustion.  It’s rest that prevents depletion.


God created the earth and everything in it and then He rested.  He didn’t rest because He had nothing left to give after a full week of work.  No, He rested because rest is a response to work well done.  Rest gives us space to reflect and enjoy the work we did all week.  Rest allows us to remember and feel joy over the highlights and good things that happened during our week.  Rest allows us to reset our feelings of disappointment and frustration and creates hope for a new week.  It’s time for us to look back over our shoulder and enjoy the accomplishments from the past week.  We also recharge and focus for the week ahead of us.


Rest is a biological reset button.  We need to push it every day.  Every evening and also every week- we push the big reset by setting aside a day for refreshing.  We can reflect on all that was good, erase all that was bad and fill our souls with fresh hope, joy and expectation for the days ahead.


Rest to reset- every day, every week, every month, every year.  It’s essential.

Simplicity is a Worthy Pursuit

Simplicity is a slow journey toward less. Each year, I examine my life. I evaluate, ask questions and then scale back.  I have been pursuing contentment and it has settled down in my soul like a sunken treasure…nestling in deeper with each passing year.

Restlessness has been bridled and subdued. Quiet- my one word for 2018, lives.

Still, I have a long way to go on my journey. The road stretches out before me. But today, in this moment, I stop to reflect on how far I’ve come.

I’m home more. I’m at peace here. In the past, I would race around town to multiple stories on multiple days. But for years now, I only go to one store, just once a week.  Many people are amazed by this. Once or twice a month I go to Target or shopping anywhere else.  I can wait for the things I want or I can go without.

It’s restlessness, more than need, that instigates the shopping and driving around. I battled restlessness straight on.  I trimmed back a little at a time and leaned into Jesus.  At first,  those slow, empty moments made my soul panic. Sometimes I gave into the fear and became busy but more and more I leaned into peace and sat in the quiet space. There, I became accustomed to what I was longing for: rest, stillness and tranquility.

I’m thankful for the progress and onward I strive….for less.