No Hope in Sight

How does a mother find hope when her son is so handicapped, she knows he will never go to college or ever leave home?  When she knows she will be caring for him and watching over him for the rest of her days. And what happens when she is gone?  Who will take care of her baby then?
Where is hope for the young mom who becomes a quadriplegic through a car accident and can no longer hold her young children. When she has no chance of ever walking again, where is her hope?
Is there hope for the mother who lost her first-born child at the innocent age of 7?  When she can hardly breath in the vice of grief, can she even hope for purpose or joy in the years ahead? Is there hope for life in this sorrow?
Is there hope for the hopeless?  Can one find peace and purpose in life when there is no circumstantial hope of healing?  Can one find meaning in life knowing their desires will never be fulfilled?
The hope is that Jesus will walk with them and give them strength to face each day. The hope is that Jesus loves them and knows everything they are going through. The hope is that their hearts can be held and mended.  The hope is that there is still a purpose in life. The hope is, that one day there will be heaven and all the brokenness and pain will be forever gone.
These are all real people in my life.  I have watched them show me what hope looks like.  I learn so much from them.  They are my heroes, living a life that could seem hopeless, yet they have gained wisdom, depth and ride with great hope into the life they have been dealt.

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