Reasonably Simple and the Backyard Chicken

It would be nice to go real simple.  Simple as in organic gardening or joining the revival for backyard chickens and cloth diapers.  I would love to have lettuce growing and fresh eggs to collect each day, but that may never happen.  I can see myself being perfectly happy in that environment but here is reality:  I live in a nice new neighborhood, enclosed behind a fancy metal gate, allowing in only the pre-approved.  It is in the desired part of town where the affluent young families live.  We never thought we would live here, but a foreclosure brought us in. Most people have pools in their backyards and if not pools, then patios, palm trees and water fountains.  There is a small park with swings, grass and quiet streets shaded by rows of Palo Brea trees.  It’s beautiful.  To my right and left the neighbors drive their Jaguars and Mercedes, (I won’t tell you what is in my own garage) and every other house has the soccer mom SUV.  I pay as much in HOA fees as I paid in rent when I was in college.  So chickens?  Never!  It won’t happen here, and we won’t be moving to an older neighborhood with hand-painted fenced yards and permissible livestock, either.

We have to be reasonable simple, and it will look different for everyone.  So right here, in north Scottsdale, I can find a way to live simply.  This is my own journey of discovering what simple and intentional living will look like in the society and era I have found myself in.

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