Failure 93

Today is failure 93.  For 93 days I have been trying to do something new, something small and specific, and yet, again, undone, unachieved.  A goal that lives in my heart but never makes into reality.

Born three months ago at an inspiring convention, I came home with the greatest intentions.  I have everything I need to take this little step and yet, it goes unachieved.
Today, I was out on my morning jog, reflecting on the days of failure, three months worth, and yet I still hope to achieve my goal one day.
Then I realized, it wasn’t really Failure 93.  It was micro step 93.  Each day that I remembered I had a goal was a tiny step forward.  The mere fact that three months later I could still remember and I am still hoping to attempt my goal is actually success!  Some goals need hundreds of micro steps before they are actualized.  I was empowered by my epiphany!  I was making progress toward my goal…..not failing!
I was so empowered by my revelation that I came back from my run, and after 93 days of failed attempts, I opened my laptop and began.  I did it!
It was not failure, it was increments toward success.  Each day and every time I remembered my goal, that was progress!  And one day, today, that progress bloomed, and my goal was reached.
I’ll never look at failure the same way.  The guilt of failure holds us back.  The positive perspective of micro steps moved me forward along the path of success.  Perspectives of failure versus perspectives of progress.  The later bears the fruit of success.  Today, I ate it!

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