Learning For Yourself

I’m worried about people learning for themselves. It’s so easy to access podcasts, sermons online and inspirational videos.  You almost don’t need to read the Bible for yourself. However, we can’t live off of other people’s revelations of God. We need our own personal revelation. We need God to speak to us and our specific life situations each and every day. This can’t happen by listening to a podcast or watching a video.  Yes, sometimes the messages are exactly what we need to hear and seem perfectly curtailed to what we’re going through. However, God desires an even greater intimacy with us.  He can speak directly to our hearts through his Word. The Bible is not too complex for us to understand. We do not need a degree in Greek or a commentary to understand the stories and teachings of Jesus. The Bible was written for everyone. The Bible was written for me and you!  When we read the Bible for ourselves, God can give us the peace in our hearts we need to make it through a fierce storm or an inspiring scripture for us to memorize and mediate on. Read the Bible!  Memorize scriptures.  Let’s not forget that God can and wants to speak directly to us through His timeless book.  Start today!

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