Do We Have Time to Pray?

The school called. My son is sick. I grabbed my bag and was at the school in about five minutes. Taking him home, putting him to bed, giving him medicine. I dropped everything and took care of him.

Coincidentally, I read in Luke just this  morning about Jesus being called on to care for sick people. What I noticed was actually astonishing!  I thought about  dashing to school to pick up my son and reflected on Jesus, being called on by hundreds of people (most likely) to help them with their physical needs, sicknesses, diseases and disabilities.
Starting in Luke 4:33 – what a crazy day Jesus had. First he went to the temple and a demon possessed man screamed at him, the he went to Peter’s house and healed his mother-in-law of a fever, then that evening, more people come and find him and he heals people all evening. Big day for Jesus.
The next morning, he’s up early and he’s gone. What is amazing, is that I am sure there are more sick people waiting for him and looking for him. People who are SICK. Yet, Jesus put as a priority a prayer time. He walked away from something I find the most urgent and he prayed!  If Jesus can find time amid the demands of dying children, crippled fathers and suffering people to get away and pray…then what excuse could I possibly have to skip my prayer time?  Can I possibly be too busy for prayer?  What is more urgent to a parent than a sick child?  And if Jesus felt the same way with the needs of suffering people yet he withdrew, he made space. He put EVEN the urgent on hold, for prayer.
I have no excuse. Nothing is more important than this sacred space of time to whisper words to my Heavenly Father.

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