The more I rush, the meaner I am. The later I am, the more impatient and self-absorbed I am. When I’m in a rush, I focus more on myself & my agenda and people around blur out in to a ring of darkness. I don’t notice. I don’t see their emotions, their expressions and or their needs.
It’s hard to slow down. It’s difficult to do less.
I walked into the gym, and noticed an employee crying. Later, I had a few moments to spare and I asked her if she was ok. She was so thankful that I noticed and offered my concern. I was so thankful I put the rushing in hold, that I’ve taken deliberate steps to slow down and that I was able to be kind. Hurried Jenny would not have noticed. Hurried Jenny would not have said a thing.  I’m thankful I’m slowing down and this change is even blessing the people around me.

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