Simplicity is a Worthy Pursuit

Simplicity is a slow journey toward less. Each year, I examine my life. I evaluate, ask questions and then scale back.  I have been pursuing contentment and it has settled down in my soul like a sunken treasure…nestling in deeper with each passing year.

Restlessness has been bridled and subdued. Quiet- my one word for 2018, lives.

Still, I have a long way to go on my journey. The road stretches out before me. But today, in this moment, I stop to reflect on how far I’ve come.

I’m home more. I’m at peace here. In the past, I would race around town to multiple stories on multiple days. But for years now, I only go to one store, just once a week.  Many people are amazed by this. Once or twice a month I go to Target or shopping anywhere else.  I can wait for the things I want or I can go without.

It’s restlessness, more than need, that instigates the shopping and driving around. I battled restlessness straight on.  I trimmed back a little at a time and leaned into Jesus.  At first,  those slow, empty moments made my soul panic. Sometimes I gave into the fear and became busy but more and more I leaned into peace and sat in the quiet space. There, I became accustomed to what I was longing for: rest, stillness and tranquility.

I’m thankful for the progress and onward I strive….for less.

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