What Will Limit Us?

In times past, we were limited by few opportunities. In times past, we were limited by financial means. Today we’re overwhelmed with opportunities and we have the financial means to pursue them. There is hair coloring, teeth whitening, pedi and mani’s, microdermabrasion, orange theory, and also the pursuit the latest fashions; clothes, shoes and handbags are a must, and top it off with Kendra Scott earrings. We can put our kids in any sport we imagine, they can play club sports and travel regionally.  We can travel the U.S. and even the world affordably.  There are birthday parties, family events and school fundraisers.  (Not to mention true necessities; doctor appointments, dentist, oil changes and an endless list of “to do” items.)
Friends, we are bombarded with opportunities.  Many of these opportunities have now become norms and new standards in society. There’s a barrage of activities and pressure for pursuing external appeal and perfection. What then will limit us? We’re not limited by time, we are not limited by finances.
Perhaps all that’s left is our own self-imposed limitations. Perhaps we can aspire to values which have more power and more appeal than the glittering lure of fixing of the external body and saying “yes” to every presented opportunity.
Let me ask you, are there other things that are important?  Other other things we should value?  These values compete with the energy and time we spend on external things.  What other things could we be spending our time on?  Do we value rest?  Do we value play?  Do we value quiet?
Let me ask you, what do you look like on the inside?  How much work and attention have you been giving to the condition of your soul?  Is there peace? Are you living with joy? What about contentment? How are your relationships?  Are they safe, honest and authentic?
Let’s take a moment to examine our inner world.  Let’s take some time to evaluate our schedule and how we’re spending our time. Are there some important things that we have become to busy for? Perhaps it’s time to impose some self limitations on all the opportunities around us so we have time and energy to pursue things of greater value.


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