Out The Back Door

Our stuff has a front door but does our stuff have a back door? When was the last time you purchased something? Food, clothes, toys, books? Bringing things into our home is as natural as breathing. We consume without thinking. It is easy and simple to buy the things we need and want. The problem comes in when we don’t let go of the things we no longer use. When was the last time you purposefully donated, recycled or trashed your older items?   In order to keep our homes from becoming cluttered, disorganized and crowded, we need to let go. Today, I am going to set aside something to donate. I have set up a regular pattern of moving old things out the back door whenever I bring something new home. There should be a continual movement of bringing in and letting go to keep our homes fresh, clean and organized.  What are you going to let go of today?

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