A Couple Simple Steps

Ok, some success:  I sold my old phone, now there is one less piece of gadgetry in my desk drawer.  I packed up a ton of toys and hid them in the closet.  I let two different people borrow a ton of baby stuff and toddler toys.  Yeah!  I do feel like there is a little more room to break with less.

Of course, I did buy some books, crayons and a coloring book at the store yesterday.  If I can purge as much as I consume, we will be okay around here.  I know I am still buying too much.  I have let the Target sacks sit in my car for days without even bringing them into the house.  Long enough for we to wonder what I even bought and long enough to realize it wasn’t really anything necessary, or I would have brought the bags in immediately!  Hmm.  But there is simplicity in my life even if there is over-consumption of material products.  My journey toward simplifying is far from complete but today I have the satisfaction of knowing and feeling the benefits of improvement.

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