Sick Day Blessings

Sick days are turning out to be some of my favorite days around here.  Last week, I had a undulating stomach and was fighting fatigue.  I immediately set my goals for the day to almost zero.  I hung out on the couch and let my kiddos crawl over me.  I experienced my son driving his matchbox car down my legs.  After the couch, I moved to the floor, which is another invitation for children to climb aboard.  I put my son on my feet and suspended him in the air like an airplane.  My daughter practiced standing by balancing her 10 month old frame with a one-handed grip on my nose.  I blew bubbles and my son screamed and screamed with delight!

In the afternoon, I pulled out one container of blue play dough and cookie cutters.  We made Christmas tree cutouts that ended up looking like fish.  After the play dough, a simple fort of blankets and pillows so again I could just lay on the floor in our tent and have fun without spending much energy.  By evening I realized we had just enjoyed one of our best days together in weeks.  A cancelled agenda mixed with lots of time and love was the perfect recipe.  I guess being sick isn’t so bad if it slows me down enough to have delightful, quality time with the children I cherish.  It was an unexpected blessing and a good lesson for me to remember.

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