The Happiness of Being Unprepared

Off to the children’s museum!  Being a prepared, over-achieving, high-functioning mom, I had everything we could need for the day trip: one sippy cup for each child, a water bottle for me, snacks, diapers, wipes, Kleenex, money, phone and the list goes on.  I always feel smart and satisfied when I have my bag packed up with every imaginable item my little darlings could possibly need while we are out.

At the museum, I had all my supplies in my big bulky purse.  (I don’t carry a diaper bag anymore, just an oversized bag stuffed full of baby supplies.  Why carry two bags, right?)  Anyway, I spent all day chasing a 14 month old around and with this giant designer bag slinging from shoulder to shoulder.  It would slip off my arm every time I bent over to pick up my daughter and rocket down like a weighted pendulum nearly knocking her over.  Her bottom lip turned out and she wondered why mom was beating her with a purse all morning and I was exhausted in a few hours.   The bag was heavy, my daughter was heavy and my arms were full.  Did I use all of the neatly packed supplies I carried?  No, not one.  I was too occupied by lugging the bag, scooping up one child and chasing down my two year old.  I hit my breaking point long before the kids did and I marched them off to our SUV before one sippy cup had emerged from the tote.  Off we went to Taco Bell and all of us needed naps when we got home.

Two weeks later, I was back at the museum.  I took a tiny baby carrier that had just enough room for one diaper and a few wipes. I put my credit card in my back pocket and left all the burdens of being prepared behind.  We had a fabulous day!  I was hands free to hold and pick up my kids.  When we were thirsty, we drank from the water fountain.  When they got hungry, I didn’t rummage in my purse for crushed up bags of goldfish crackers, we went to the cafeteria and bought fresh grapes and cheese.

We all left that day with smiles on our faces.  I never imagined exchanging my carefully packed bag of baby supplies for a simple diaper could be so liberating!  I always thought toting everything you could possibly need was smart, but now, I feel like a genius.

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